Download NSW property sales data for free

As a human who wants to buy a house and is interested in data, I want to analyse sales data for the suburbs I'm interested in so that I can make better offers. So I wrote some code to do that. And I thought maybe you might want the data too, without having to write the code.

The data from the bulk NSW Valuer General's Property Sales Information (PSI) makes it really hard to download and analyse. And a subscription to Core Logic is really expensive. So here we are.

Download now

You can download the data directly as a CSV in a ZIP file. It contains the last 6 years of sales data (create an issue on Github if you want more). The data on this page is updated every day around 5am.

The data was last updated on 21 July 2024 at 05:02am.


Get the code and tinker

The Python code used to generate the data from the bulk PSI data is available for free on Github.

See the project on Github